2014.12.31 13:55

R34's Release Features

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Laser Visualization R34

By popular demand, R34 introduces laser visualization. Laser visualization in WYSIWYG is powered by two protocols - Pangolin Control System and Sollinger Laser Animation System.

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New Shaded View Visual Effects

Wysiwyg R34 introduces new visual effects that can enhance your visualization using Ambient Occlusion, Global Illumination and Source Disc Bloom.

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With Unicode support, wysiwyg now accepts any character in any language. Unicode will allow wysiwyg to be translated into many languages in a near future!

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New Spreadsheet tool with Unicode support

The Spreadsheet views found in DATA mode has been reworked to be more sophisticated including Unicode support. Lots more functionality is available and any language character found in Unicode is accepted!

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Paperwork (PRES) Features

Let the formatting begin! You have a lot more flexibility when formating anything in the Reports tab, Spreadsheets, Legends and Symbols, etc.

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Interface and Navigation improvements

The new Mode bar provides global access to any screen/tab in WYSIWYG quickly. Modes now have drop-down arrows which list all the tabs associated with each Mode. This makes switching between any tabs in the software possible from anywhere.


New Tabbing and Auto Hide Options

Another update to User Interface is the ability to Tab and Auto Hide layout options. When working with multiple Design tools and multiple views in WYSIWYG, you can now turn your tools views into tabs and automatically hide the view when not in use.

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CAD Mode Improvements

In R34 release CAD mode received improvements and some additional new features.

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New Textures

wysiwyg R34 delivers a new expanded set of high-quality textures. The images used to create these textures have been kindly provided by Bill Scott of texturemate.com


sACN Support

wysiwyg R34 Perform edition, fully supports Streaming ACN (sACN) protocol. sACN is a standard protocol developed by ESTA to efficiently transport DMX universes over the network. One nice thing is the multicast option allowing very easy configuration. sACN is a popular protocol to control large number of RGB LEDs.


R34 Library Additions

80+ fixtures added in R34 check out the full list

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